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1-BEDROOM Apartments

Why is it worth it?

If you plan on taking a part in a mass event or if you just want to do some sightseeing in the city, apartment rentals are a perfect solution. Modern amenities provide comfort and lovely atmosphere for tenants. This amazing opportunity helps to get to know the city even as a possible living spot.

Condos located in antique buildings or modern block of flats, in all of them you can make yourself at home. Getting rest after the whole day of exploring the city or coming back late at night from a concert, never has been so enjoyable.

Accommodation in Warsaw – why is it worth booking?

Every apartment is fully equipped which makes it easier and more comfortable for guests. Carrying extra luggage is no longer a necessity due to the fact that standard amenities are already provided. Detailed description of the accommodation (equipment in each room and localization) will help you to choose the most suitable one. Even though there are variations of apartment placements, every spot has an easy access to public transportation and infrastructure.

Try out a neighborhood and see its potential

Are you planning on moving to Warsaw? In order to make a thoughtful and responsible decision while buying a condo in the capital, it is essential to get to know the neighborhood. A perfect way to do so is to book an accommodation even for a few days and our apartments are the solution. You can see the dynamic of the area while enjoying full amenities and the hectic ways (or the lack of it) of the place. Thanks to that decision making will be much easier.

The possibility of booking an apartment online is your warranty of convenience. You can fill in a reservation form at anytime and anyplace. Make sure to plan your stay in the capital today!